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Thread: I want to get my 8 month old on a bottle

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    Default I want to get my 8 month old on a bottle

    My 8 month is biting me, I'm bleeding chapped and bruised I tryed lanalin it's not working. It hurts so bad Im sick to my stomache. I cannot get him to take a bottle, even filled with breast milk I need help

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    Default Re: I want to get my 8 month old on a bo

    Wow, that sounds miserable! The best advice I heard about trying bottles was to have someone else give the bottle and you leave. Some babies won't take a bottle when they know momma is near. Also try different nipples. My first used Medela bottles and nipples with no problem. My second uses breastflow. You definitely want to address the nipple biting issue. I know there are posts on here about that but I'm on my cell and can't find links to them right now. Good luck.

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    Default Re: I want to get my 8 month old on a bo

    Instead of weaning baby to a bottle -- as you have to fill that bottle with something, and pumping to fill a bottle for a baby is hard, hard work -- you need to teach baby to not bite. Some babies are more persistent than others about biting.

    To fix the current wounds, try moist healing with hydrogel pads, Neosporin and time.

    To fix the biting
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    Default Re: I want to get my 8 month old on a bo

    My DS who is almost 10 mo just got his top 4 teeth in and sometimes it is uncomfortable to BF him because of his teeth. The best way to fix this is... Change nursing positions. This will make baby's teeth in a different spot, minimizing pain. I have found this works great!
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