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Thread: food strike?

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    dd is 11 months old and she seems to be completely uninterested in eating. she'll nurse JUST fine, but i know that at her age she needs to also be eating solids, only she will eat two bites and then spit it out, slam her mouth shut and just cry.

    she does not sleep well at night and i wonder if its because shes hungry from not eating during the day! .. i dont know what to do. does anybody here gone through the same thing?

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    Actually, at 11 months breastmilk is still capable of meeting all her nutritional needs, provided that you nurse on demand. It's pretty typical for babies to still be mostly or even completely breastfed up to or even past their first birthdays. My first kid survived and thrived on breastmilk and a teaspoon or two of solids per day until she was around 15 months, when she suddenly decided that she liked solid food. Another thing that is completely normal is for a baby to go on a solid food jag or a solid food strike.

    Just be patient, and remember that you can't make a baby eat! All you can do is put a variety of healthy choices in front of her, and wait for her to decide that they are delicious.

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    My daughter is 10 months, and is doing the same thing. I finally chalked it up to teething. She's got 6 teeth coming in, so I'm guessing her little mouth just doesn't feel good enough to put food into. Does your LO have anything happening right now that could be distracting her from food?
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