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    I will be going back to work in a week and I was wondering what other working mothers experiences were like. How and when did you introduce the bottle? Who watches your LO when you are at work? How many hours do you generally work? How many bottles do you LO's take while you are away? And finally have any of you noticed once your LO's take the bottle well are there any problems switching between bottle and breast? These are all of the concerns I am thinking of. We are trying to practice with the bottle but my LO really doesn't like it. My DH will be home with him and I work 3-12 hour shifts at night. Anyway thanks in advance for any answers.
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    I work full time and am away from home 11-12 hours M-F. My husband is a SAHD. We do have a babysitter on call that generally comes once a week for 3 hours to give him a break, but he is 95% on his own from 7am-6pm. I was back at work 12 weeks after birth for my babies.

    With my son, we started introducing 1 bottle a week around week 3, and then at week 6 I EP, and he got bottles full time (with no issue). With my daughters, we introduced a bottle a day around 3 weeks.

    My girls are 6 months (tomorrow!) and take 2 bottles while I am at work. They drink two 6ounce bottles in the 11-12 hours I am gone. You will hear/read that most babies take more bottles with less milk. When I first started back at work my girls took 3 bottles, about 3-4ounces each.

    DD2 was in the NICU for the first 8 hours and got 2-3 bottles of formula. she had zero trouble breastfeeding when we were reunited. She much prefers mommy over the bottle. I have no issue nursing her when I get home from work, and nursing all weekend, and then she gets bottles come monday.

    DD1 was a nursing champ, and gaining weight and now is probably 1-2lbs heavier than DD2. However, at times she has nipple preference. When I come home from work sometimes she will fuss when nursing because the flow is slower. I now feed them away from the tv, I don't talk while nursing and try to keep noise (like my DS) away to keep her focused.
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    DS had his first bottle when he was just over a week old because we needed to supplement. I stopped supplementing at 6 weeks or so, and then he only had one bottle until the week before I went back to work, which was when he was just over 5 months old. DH gave him two bottles that week to make sure he would take them. He did, with no problems.

    I work 5 days a week, M-F. DS is in daycare on those days from 8.5-9 hours. He takes three 4 oz. bottles usually, unless I don't pump quite that much. This week, he's had a couple days where he's gotten two 4 oz bottles and one 3 oz. bottle. He has no problem switching between the bottle and the breast, though I would like to think he prefers the breast

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    We introduced a bottle at 3 weeks. We didn't want our baby to hate a bottle and not take it so we have been doing a bottle at bedtime. (The bottle is breastmilk. We don't use any formula). She has has NO problems going back and forth. The bottle we first used was an Adiri Natural Nurser, Stage 1. Look them up. They look like a breast. Everyone that saw it what like "What kind of bottle is THAT?" She used that bottle probably until she was 2 months old, then we tried Dr. Browns and she finally liked those. (Much easier than just having 2 bottles and having to wash them every time). Now that I am back to work my baby gets 2 bottles while I am away. I am gone from 7am-4pm. A friend of mine comes to our house to watch our little girl 3 days a week and my mom the other 2. We have had no problems.

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    My son was supplemented with bottle for the first couple weeks of life due to super sleepiness from jaundice. Once he was more awake we put the bottles away for a couple of months then reintroduced them once a day for a week or two before he started daycare, at 12 weeks.

    How many bottles your LO takes is dependent on how he likes to eat. My son likes to eat a lot at once (I tried to get him to snack because he spit up all the time after nursing, but he just wanted to eat and eat and eat) so we used to send him with 4.5 - 5 oz per bottle and he would eat 3 bottles over a 9-10 hour stay at daycare. Daycare will probably have to throw out any leftover heated milk, if LO doesn't finish the bottle, so start with many small bottles and ask for them to report back as to how much LO ate at once. Less waste of that precious milk.

    If LO doesn't like the bottle at first then try another kind. My son hated the medela nipples but loves the evenflo nipples. We also use some breastflow bottles, which are supposed to be more like breastfeeding, so he occasionally has to work for his milk, like he does with me.

    ETA: I re-read your post and see your husband is watching the baby, so no worries about throwing the heated milk away. He can put the bottle back in the fridge for next time, if you are comfortable with that.
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    We supplemented for a few days, so DD was introduced to the bottle early on... but at 10 weeks refused that particular bottle, sending us into try-every-bottle hell. If you have bottle feeding friends, see if they will lend you ONE of their type to try, before buying a bunch... you never know. DD will only take the cheapo $1.50 Gerber bottles...wish we had known that before we bought a big load of Avents.
    She started out with (5) 2-2.5 oz bottles (at 10 weeks) and is now at (4) 4-oz bottles (at 10 mos). She is half at daycare, half with DH. It's an individual thing, I notice other kids at daycare eating more/less and more/less frequently.
    If you are going back to 12 hour shifts, has DH spent considerable time alone with LO? I only ask because I know the first full day of DH+DD (-me) was a very, very, very long day for him! Maybe try a few shorter times before your first day... just leave the house for a few hours, then 1/2 day, etc.
    And give non-heated bottles a try... DD will accept warmed bottles, but seems to prefer room temp, and will suck them down cold if she's really hungry. DH just leaves the next bottle out on the counter for an hour or so... no bottle warmer needed! Makes traveling much easier too.
    Not bf related, but may help DH - get him used to babywearing. Makes little things like brushing your teeth and getting the mail easier, if LO is clingy. Good luck!!!

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    The rule of thumb on bottles is 1-1.5 oz for every hour that you are away. And while most of us will leave a bottle OUT for a couple of hours as to not waste milk, it's not recommended that it be reheated and reused. Because the heating process damages the antibacterial properties in the milk and once a child's mouth has touched the milk, you run the risk of bacteria growing in the milk. So if a bottle has been heated and it's being used it really should NOT go back in the fridge. However if you are pumping FRESH milk before you leave, and that milk is never reheated but just left at room temperature, that milk can be left out and used safely for up to a six hour period. BECAUSE it's antibacterial properties haven't been tampered with.

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    We introduced a bottle at 4 weeks. We had some issues at first but switched from Dr. Browns to Playtex liners and that solved our problems. When first introducing a bottle, I would only do a small amount of milk at a time because if your LO has problems and refuses the bottle, the milk has to be dumped since it has been exposed to their saliva.

    We started out with 4 oz bottles every 3 hours, but it was too much for DD. We backed down on the amount until she could not make it 3 hours in between feedings. Then we knew it was too little and went back up to the previous amount. We ended up with 3.5 oz every 3 hours. I work 12 hour shifts so I feed her before I leave, she gets 4 bottles, and then I feed her immediately when I get home.

    Also, we never heated the bottle. We just gave her the bottle straight from the fridge. Worked out nice for us.

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