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Thread: Do I still have low supply?

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    Hi --
    My DD is 3.5 months old and I struggled with low supply from the start - c-section and bad latch, mastitis. She got formula starting in the hospital when she lost more than 10% of weight. And she's been on it ever since. I saw 3 LCs and started pumping at week 2. Long story short, I have built up a fragile supply through nursing, dedicated pumping, herbs and domperdione (on max dose now). Anyway, I now pump 2-4 oz per session, usually 3, every 2-3 hrs. Pumping after nursing I get 1/2-2 oz but I rarely pump after nursing anymore. I'd like to EBF, but I have no confidence to do so! Also, my DD now prefers the bottle during the day (I haven't gone back to work yet). Unless she is sleepy, she screams when I put her on the boob and wants the bottle. I usually give in. Sometimes I start with the bottle, then take it out and jam in my boob and she doesn't notice and keeps drinking. She's hungry 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs later after BF, instead of 3 hours after formula. She has wet diapers either way. I still don't know if my supply is enough for her. I get so depressed about this whole breastfeeding experience. I wanted it to be so great for both of us and I feel like I have screwed everything up with my crummy supply. My only solace is the middle of the night feeding when she drinks happily from the boob and goes back to sleep. I'm usually engorged then on the left side. Any advice on what to do? Should I just accept that this will be the situation? Pumping when she prefers the bottle to keep my supply up and supplementing with formula/pumped milk? I'm so sick of pumping! I don't have enough milk in the fridge to give up these formula feeds. Sometimes I just want to wean altogether and can't wait until shes ready for solids... Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

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    What you are describing is plain straight up nipple preference. Babies often prefer a bottle. It's easier to get milk out of a bottle than a breast.

    Your supply is right in line with what a BF baby takes: 1 to 1.5 oz per hour. So you have enough...and you would probably make more if you were nursing, as no pump is as good as a baby at stimulating supply.

    What about trying a nipple shield to make the breast more like a bottle then weaning off of that? And if you need to still give formula supplements, you could try an SNS and then baby gets supplements at the breast.

    There are some very good discussions on nipple confusion/preference at kellymom.
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    with the PP. Just wanted to add that going a little longer between feedings after formula is normal: formula sits heavy on a tiny tummy and digests slower and less completely than breastmilk. Slower, not better!

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