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    I feel like I need to give a huge thank you for everyone's support here.

    Now that the first difficult weeks are over, my sweet little baby is almost four months old and I can finally enjoy the beauty of breastfeeding.

    I'm so proud I didn't give up. I'm convinced I'm giving that tiny little boy the greatest gift of all.
    And tonight, as we lay comfortably in bed side by side, getting relaxed and ready for his going to bed.
    With the light low and his warm little body held close against mine I feel like one of those pro-nursing adds where everything seems dreamy and perfect.

    We look into each other's eyes as he drinks peacefully with hungry little noises and then he looks up at me with a huge smile, dripping milk all over his little cheek.
    And he pets my breast with his tiny hand like it's his favorite thing in the world.

    And without knowing it, he just gave me the greatest gift too.

    Don't give up, mamas who have it hard, you won't regret it in the end.

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    I think I know how you feel. We had a very rough start also, and things only cleared up at around 4.5 months. I felt soooo proud and happy.
    I hope things will remain that wonderful for you from now on!

    First time, SAH mom to my precious daughter born October 2009
    Nursing 27 months and counting... I still love nursing so much and am SAD thinking the end can come anytime now...

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    Fantastic! I think there's a good reason why the pro-nursing ads tend to show moms nursing older babies, not newborns- nursing a newborn is hard! It's not until 3-4 months that it really starts getting fun.

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    I'm glad you are enjoying breastfeeding.
    I am Lea (middle name)
    Mama to Dominic born on 3/23/09
    Wife to G 4/27/07
    We're blessed to have been for 3 years and counting! Proud to with our squirmy worm

    "My home is not a place, it is people."
    -Lois McMaster Bujold

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    that's so sweet! you brought tears to my eyes
    march 2011... the light of my life

    i love my little one

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    This was a very sweet post!
    I feel the same way, nursing my 1st to only 6 weeks and pumping for another 6 weeks was not an emotional experience for me. Nursing my twins (6 months now) has been so rewarding!
    Keep up the good work.
    Full time working Mom to 3, DH is my hero as a SAHD:
    DS July'09, nursed for 12 weeks
    DD1 & DD2 April'11, tandem nursed for 16 months

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