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Thread: Frustrated with pumping output

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    I am 5 days post partum. Today I tried pumping twice to get some milk stored up for the evening, when my newborn cluster feeds. I wasn't hoping for much, maybe an oz or so, but all I have so far is 1/4 oz!!!! What gives? I used this pump all through bf-ing my ODS (Medela pump n style) and didn't have any issues with pumping then. Am I just expecting too much? I'm pretty sure my milk came in two days ago.

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    You are expecting too much too soon.

    Put down the pump. There are several reasons: you are stressing yourself out too soon. When baby cluster feeds NURSE. That is better for your supply than any pump. Pumping can bring on an oversupply, which has its own set of problems (fussy baby, plugged ducts and excessive leaking, erc). Pumping is more work during a time when you should be spending it with your newborn, resting.

    I had to start pumping from day one this time, and even with my OS, I was not able to put any extra away until he was 8-9 days old.

    Dealing with cluster feedings means making easy meals that can be easily reheared at night. I used to also tuck baby in a sling so I could bathe and put my older children to bed before camping on the couch to let baby nurse as much as he wanted.

    Finally, introducing a bottle this early puts your breastfeeding relationship at risk. Sme babies prefer a bottle, and introducing one very early can make those babies stop nursing. Every baby is different.
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