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Thread: when did you move your LO to thier room?

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    Joe still sleeps in our room but in his own bed at 2.5. We're either quiet or use the guest room for marital intimacy.

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    definitely used the spare room or couch for the intimacy.
    We moved DD to her own bed at 25 months, around the same time as she weaned. It's definitely a process with us. She's weaned and has to be able to access the bathroom to go potty but she hardly ever returns to her own bed if she does. We've only had a few nights where she's stayed in her own bed for the entire night. The way it usually works is we'll put her to bed in her own room around 9pm( one of us has to rock or pat her to sleep still) she'll stay in her own bed from anywhere in between 2am-430am... usually 430 am is the norm but it depends on the night. then she gets up and goes pee and then crawls in with us. Sometimes she'll wake SO up and say bed cause she wants him to take her back to her bed and stay with her till she falls asleep. It's been nice the few times she's slept the whole night in her bed but we're fine with her crawling in with us in the wee hours of the morn. It still gives us time to ourselves and time to get a good chunk of sleep before she crawls in.
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    My LO is almost 7mos and we haven't really thought about moving to the crib yet. I did just start moving him to the sidecar off our bed this past week. He's been doing pretty well with that -- but I don't want to have to get up and get him just yet, kwim? He's a noisy sleeper, so for me it's easier to have him there and be able to see him ("oh, ok, he's just moaning in his sleep") -- rather than waking to a sound and having to go investigate.

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    My LO is 4 mo. old and we've thought about putting her in her own room because DH can't sleep good with her in there but I don't think I could sleep w/o her in there. DH should be happy that DD sleeps in a pack & play next to me and not him. I don't know if he will let me keep her in our room for 12 months but my theory is "whip out a boob and then you can have a say"... As far as intimacy goes, any room or floor gets the job done! Doesn't have to be a routine, change is good.
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    Our first was in our bed for 3 yrs before getting kicked out. Our second was in bed with me until she slept all night, which was 3 months. My son was in bed until he slept all night, which was 6 weeks. There are some night he ends up with me in bed, but not very often. Honestly you have to do what is best for your family. Some sleep better with baby in bed, others sleep better with baby out. Personally, I sleep better without baby in bed. To make the transition easier though, I had their crib in our bedroom for a while before moving them to another room out of necessity. Hope this helps!
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    Ok I guess I am out of the norm here, but we put DS in his own room at about 5 months (a little after). He was in a co-sleeper before he went into his room, we never bed-shared full time. I do still feed him in the bed, he is in with us about 1.5 hours per night on a good night, and maybe 4 hours on a bad night. I can't co-sleep though, baby wants to be attached the entire time he is in bed so it really doesn't work for me.

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    Thanks Everyone!
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    We moved our 5 mo old girl to her crib in her own room at 6 weeks. She has done wonderfully, sleeps through the night and has done so since that point. At 2-3 month time frame she was sleeping from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m., now it's about 9 p.m. until 6:30 a.m., like clockwork. It is a joy, I am rested (necessary since I'm working), baby is rested and very happy, and dad is rested and happy, and we have our own time too to still be together (well, unless you count the dog in the bed). I still get up at 1 a.m. to pump for 15 minutes.

    And, I've found that when we travel to grandparents house and she sleeps in the pack n' play in our room, she wakes up in the night at least once and sometimes more. She doesn't do as well when she's in our room, and then the next day she is crankier! I know everyone has different preferences, but for me, baby girl in her own room is a blessing.

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