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Thread: Dairy free & poops still mucousy??

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    Default Re: Dairy free & poops still mucousy??

    If you are going to eliminate dairy I would suggest you go ahead and just eliminate all dairy. If it's a true allergy dairy in any form will trigger it, even if the reactions aren't immediately noticeable. I would definitely try a dairy elimination before I'd go for something random like pork.
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    Default Re: Dairy free & poops still mucousy??

    Definitely! I have been dairy free for about a week and a half now and DD seems much better. She's not nearly as fussy and we haven't had to give her hardly any gripe water in the last couple weeks. She's also been pooping more often it seems, and they aren't as greenish as they were before. Still some mucous here & there but no visible blood. Success I think!

    Soy would probably be the next thing to cut after dairy...lots of babies (I think I read 75%) who don't tolerate dairy also have trouble with soy. So I would also try that, maybe before pork, if it seems like the dairy elimination wasn't enough. But I have heard that pork is the hardest of the meats to digest & it can give babies trouble...so who knows. Worth a try for sure!
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