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    Question Quick question

    DS is 4 months and has always been fed one breast per feeding unless he is still hungry...then I nurse him on the second. This doesn't happen often, maybe once a day. Am I doing the wrong thing?

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    Sounds just right to me. The first is dinner. The second is dessert. Baby might or might not be in the mood for dessert.

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    Nope. Lots of people Block feed. If your child is happy after one breast that it fine. My son always pnly ate of one breast until after his year birthday. Then because there was less milk, he consistently started nursing off both sides. But for the entire length of time that breastmilk was his sole nutrition he only ate off one side. If it works, it's fine!

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    I don't think so. I do that all of the time.
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    Actually my LC told me to do that with my first DD, and then the nurses and two other LCs told me to do it with my DD2. Sounds fine to me as long as there's healthy weight gain and good diaper output. If he seems content and happy and is doing the above well, don't mess with the good system you have going!

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    Sounds like you're following your baby's cues, which is the best thing you can do. Many babies only need to nurse on one side per feeding and, as you've found, he'll let you know when he needs more!
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