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    My almost 3 month old spits up a few times a day. She doesn't seem uncomfortable but my sister says I may be overfeeding her. I know you can't overfeed a breastfed baby but I do offer the breast often.

    When does the spit up get under control? I keep a bib on her know at all times expect when we sleep together and keep a burp cloth on my shoulder.

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    You're right: the spit-up is not due to overfeeding. It's due to the relative weakness of the muscles that keep your baby's stomach contents down where they belong. Spitting up may continue for as long as a year or so, but generally lessens by around 6 months, or when the baby starts sitting up (since gravity helps keep the baby's meals down). It's a waiting game- you're waiting for the muscle tone of your baby's sphincters to develop, and that process can happen quickly or slowly, depending on the baby.

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    Some babies just spit up a lot more than others. DS1 spit up a lot, but he wasn't in pain either. It really sounds completely normal. I know at night it can be a lot more annoying especially if you are nursing at night and don't always burp in the middle of the night and because of gravity. For DS2 I had to keep a towel under us at night.

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    Some babies spit up a lot, like DD and DS2; others are not, like DS1. If your baby doesn't seem uncomfortable, it is more of a laundry problem than health problem. It does eventually get better.
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