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Thread: one breast per feed or two?

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    Default one breast per feed or two?

    Haven't checked here in awhile but am starting to be a little concerned with LO's weight gain so will see what you think.

    He is 6 months and around 15lbs 5oz (from last week's weigh). This gain was only 4 oz in 2 weeks, slower than in the past but I haven't been watching nearly as closely as when he was a newborn.

    We haven't started solids yet. He mostly STTN but this week has started waking 2 times to feed. He hasn't had a BM in a week but wet diapers seem okay.

    I had problems with OS at the beginning so was block feeding for months and now am just feeding one side per feed. He will BF every 1.5-2 hours during the day but less if we are out doing things. He rarely asks to eat but always has a snack if offered. The other thing that has changed is that I am not engorged in the morning as I had been.

    Anyway, because of the slowed weight gain, should I be feeding from 2 sides each time or just stick to one side?

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    Default Re: one breast per feed or two?

    BF babies often slow down their growth at about this time. It certainly couldn't hurt to start offering the other breast; BFed babies are usually good at letting you know when they are done.
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    Default Re: one breast per feed or two?

    It is very normal for weight gain to slow somewhere in the 4-6 month range. As the baby becomes more mobile, he starts putting his calories into reaching/rolling/scooting/crawling/etc. instead of packing them on as fat. So I would not be concerned about the slow weight gain, particularly if your baby seems satisfied at the breast and is producing sufficient wet and poopy diapers.

    That being said, it's very normal for a mom who needs to block feed in the early months to eventually transition to doing 2 sided feedings. It doesn't sound like you need to, but at this point it's probably worth a try.

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    Default Re: one breast per feed or two?

    Around 6-7 months I began offering both sides. I am not suggesting that the weight gain is a real issue (my son has really slowed down in weight gain too) but he only took one side for the longest time. Now he often takes both, or one and a half, LOL. It doesn't hurt to offer.
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