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Thread: rNo period and my baby is 9 months old

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    My little girl is nearly 9 months old and is still full time breastfeeding, waking every 3 hours during the night to feed, most nights she co sleeps as it is easier.

    I am concerned that my periods have not yet returned although I am aware that full time breastfeeding can cause this to happen. with my first child I only breastfed full time for the first 3 weeks, and made the classic mistake of not taking enough precautions and now only have 12 months between my two children. This has been good in some respects and not in others!!!

    When my second child was about 3 months old I started getting heartburn, a previous sign of pregnancy for me, I waited about a month before doing a test, which was negative so I have tried to relax and not think about it. My periods still have not returned!!!

    Has anyone else had similar experiences and should I be worried? Is the nightfeeding likely to have suppressed ovulation?

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    It's very normal not to get your period back for months and months while breastfeeding. The average time until return of fertility for a nursing mom is around 15 months, though many women get their cycles back much sooner than that (as you did the first time round) and many others will not get their periods for much longer than 15 months. Some won't get a period until their babies are completely weaned.

    Night nursing is probably a large part of why your cycles haven't returned yet. When you nurse at frequent intervals both day and night, your prolactin (the hormone that causes you to produce milk) levels stay high and prolactin causes your estrogen levels to stay relatively low, and when your estrogen is low, ovulation is less likely to occur.

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    Very common However, now that your baby is over 6 months and probably eating some solids, you should not rely on lactational amenorrhea for birth control alone. Coupled with fertility awareness method, though, or barrier methods, it is a powerful way to naturally and easily space your children out in time.
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    Yep. Normal. My period did not return for over a year. It's nerve-racking, isn't it?

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    Still no period here!

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    I didn't have a period until I stopped nursing/pumping - 12 months after DS was born.
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    I didn't get mine until #1 was 21 months.
    ETA: I peed on lots of sticks because I was always certain I was pg
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    Thanks to all of you for your advice, and yes it is a little nerve racking, always got that thought at the back of your mind that you might be expecting again!!! As much as I love my two, I am happy to stop at two and devote my time to their happy up bringing. [/B]

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