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Thread: Baby Led Weaning

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    Default Baby Led Weaning

    When did you start introducing meats?
    What age or how long was your LO eating solids before you added meats?

    What did you offer?
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    Meats are actually one of the first foods I've offered my girls. Boiled chicken from a soup forms these soft shreds that are really easy for little fingers to grasp and are the perfect texture for gumming.

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    Default Re: Baby Led Weaning

    I did meats as a first food too. So about 6 months. Its an excellent source of iron.
    We did chicken and beef minced up fine.
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    Default Re: Baby Led Weaning

    I don't remember the exact order anymore, but meats were very early on for us as well. Plain, very soft cooked.

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    Default Re: Baby Led Weaning

    Meat was one of our first foods as well, just after avocado and broccoli. We started solids at around 6.5MO and by 7MO I was giving her chunks of beef and chicken drumsticks (skin removed) to suck on.

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    Default Re: Baby Led Weaning

    We had be at solids for 3 monthsish. I introduced only poultry before the year point. So it was shredded chicken mostly and some ground turkey meat. Between Months 9-10.
    I waited until the year point to introduce pork and Beef.

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    We did meats for real around 8 months, but she had had little tastes before that. Mainly crumbled ground beef and lamb, and turkey and braised chicken like from soups as mommal described. Lately (9 months) flakey white fish has been a fun choice for finger foods.

    I follow the 3 day rule but otherwise have been pretty adventurous, since she has handled all foods fine so far . She even had a little bit of crab around 6 months. A few weeks ago she really liked chewing/gumming on squid.
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    My wife and I have been documenting our daughter's BLW progress through video on YouTube. We try to give her lots of new foods, so there might be some good ideas for you guys to use if you are searching for food to give your BLW little one! Also I try to give some comments in the video about what we have learned through the process. Here is Day 1 of our experience! I hope you find this helpful!

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