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Thread: Dropping percentiles

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    Default Dropping percentiles

    I took DS #2 for his 9 month visit today. At 9 months he is 19.2 lbs and 28 inches, which are 28th and 40th percentile, respectively. He's been steadily declining on both - his weight was 90th percentile at birth, 47th at 3 months, 39th at 6 months. He started out at 60th on height.

    My pedi does not seem concerned, but should I be? DS #2 was exclusively breast and pumped BM bottle fed until 6 months, when we started introducing solids. He loves everything we've given him and now eats 2-3 solid meals a day, in addition to either BF or getting a bottle of BM ~5-7x a day, depending on how many times he wakes up at night. He's had some reflux issues and continues to be a spitter though medication has taken away the pain. As a result, if we give him any more than 4 oz in a bottle at a time he spits it up, so I'm not sure how to increase BM intake (co-sleeping is not an option, as it is, I'd like to drop the 1-2 overnight feedings).

    He started crawling at 7 months, pulling himself up and cruising at 7.5 months and now, at 9 months, will take a push toy and push it all over the house while walking behind it. The pedi's theory is that he's getting a lot more exercise than a typical 9 month old so that helps explain the trends. He is a very happy, engaged, active little boy, but I just want to make sure we're not missing anything.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    He sounds fine. I'm sure the activity level has something to do with it. Both my boys are very active and both have fallen a lot on the charts. DS2 has fallen from 97th to 25th. I was worried too, but two pediatricians and a pediatric GI have assured us that he is fine. He is otherwise healthy and meeting milestones. It's hard not to worry, but I say don't worry!

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    Pretty normal. One of mine actually dropped OFF the chart but he came back on (to this day, though, he is kinda scrawny).
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    I wouldn't worry. I know having your kid go from the 90th percentile to the 20th can make you really anxious, but it seems to be quite common for a baby to follow one growth trajectory inside the womb and a very different one outside the womb. For instance, my first kid was born teeny-tiny, in the 20th percentile for just about everything. By 5 months she was off the top of the chart for height and at the top for weight. No-one was concerned because no-one ever gets concerned about a fat baby (:rolleyes) but really it just goes to show how typical it is for a kid to cross percentiles during he first year.

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    I wouldn't worry either. I think it is normal for a BF baby to drop percentiles once they are more mobile. DD was in the 50th percentile at birth, but has been consistently dropping. Now at 15 months she is in the 8th percentile. Her older brother also dropped, and has been in the 3rd to 5th percentile since about 6 months. He is almost 4 now and it is nearly impossible to slow him down.

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