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Thread: Bottle strike???

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    Default Bottle strike???

    My little girl is 6months she weighs 18lbs and 4oz and 28 inches. I go to school mon, tue, and wed and I am gone from 8:30am to 1:15pm. She used to take a bottle it was never that much maybe about 3-3 1/2 ozs while I was gone. but atleast she was taking something last week and this week she has refused to take a bottle. So I tried different bottles, sippy cup, and tasted it to see if it tasted funny, they tried formula, and apple juice. but nothing all she will eat is half of a little jar of apples. I am really worried if this continues ! any suggestions???

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    Does it seem like she nurses more afterwards with you, to make up for it?

    How does she act when she's there... satisfied or fussy? I wonder if she's just waiting for you, and is happy to just play when you're gone.
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    This recently happened to me! So I know what you are going through...it isnt' over for us yet and we're going on 3 weeks...I took her to the peds and there was nothing physically wrong that they could find. Could she be teething? Any other change in routine? Is she happy over all? Still peeing and pooping appropriately?

    If yes to all or any of those, it could be a phase...that is hard to hear but it could be just that...my theory for my LO is that there's a bit of increased separation anxiety but we've also had a change in caregiver while I'm at work so that could be it too. Some people have suggested that I'm feeding her too close together still, this doesn't seem to be the issue for my LO but have you thought about that? Is she ready to space out her feeds more?

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