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Thread: Is it safe to get a flu shot?

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    Default Is it safe to get a flu shot?

    My work is offering free flu shots tomorrow, will it be safe for DD or affect my milk?
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    Default Re: Is it safe to get a flu shot?

    It is safe for you to get the flu shot.

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    Default Re: Is it safe to get a flu shot?

    Protecting yourself from the flu is a really good way not to give it to your infant. Infants are at a much higher risk than healthy adults for serious complications, including death, from the flu.
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    Default Re: Is it safe to get a flu shot?

    Agree with PPs -- but with this caveat. I am one of those people who gets sick WHEN I get the flu shot... and don't get sick when I skip out on it. My DH is the same way. Understandably, we skip flu shots altogether... because, quite frankly, I'd rather take a "possibility" of getting the flu normally ...than the almost certainty of getting the flu from the shot.

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