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Thread: Suppy Issue? Cow Protein Allergy? or...?

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    Mama, thanks for providing those weights. Check out this chart: http://kellymom.com/babyconcerns/growth/chart2.html. It looks to me like your LO is growing at a nice, consistent pace.

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to your thread!

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    Hello. I, too, am lactose intolerant. I went dairy-free for a few years, but recently started eating foods with small amounts of dairy because they are delicious, no?! I wasn't eating huge quantities, maybe one serving every other day, but this was much more than I have eaten in years.

    So, that said, my son (6mo.) started to show symptoms of reflux recently. He had a bad spell that caused concern. We went to the doctor and left with a prescription of Zantac. He took the Zantac for a few weeks (where I eliminated dairy) and I slowly added dairy back into my life again. His symptoms returned. I stopped the dairy, took him off Zantac, and no symptoms.

    I just went to his 6mo. check-up and he's doing great. He weighs exactly 15lb and is on his curve. The doctor told me to add a calcium supplement (she recommended Viactiv, but that might have dairy in it?) to my daily prenatal.

    Hope that helps! I can empathize on how hard it is to remain strictly dairy free.

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