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Thread: 9 week old suddenly nursing less?

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    Default 9 week old suddenly nursing less?

    My 9-week-old son typically nurses for 15-20 minutes (we usually only do one breast per feeding). In the past few days, he's only wanted to eat for 5-10 minutes and it's freaking me out! Some feedings are barely lasting more than 5 minutes!

    He will nurse fine until he gets to the 5-10 minute mark and then he starts fussing and crying, pulling off, clawing at my breast or his face, etc. I try to relatch him and he will open his mouth and take the nipple but after a suck or two he'll do the same again. That is well past my initial letdown, so I don't think it's related to that. I thought maybe he was frustrated that the flow of milk slowed, but offering the second breast doesn't help. He also doesn't need to burp.

    I'm so worried that he's not getting enough to eat!

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    Default Re: 9 week old suddenly nursing less?

    How's his diaper output? As long as he is producing sufficient wet diapers, he's getting enough to eat. Poop frequency is not a great milk intake indicator at this point because many babies will significantly decrease their pooping frequency at this point, going as seldom as once a week. But if you're still seeing 1 or more poops per day, that would also be a good indicator of milk intake being just fine.

    I know it can freak you out when a baby changes up his nursing pattern, but as time goes on you should expect greater efficiency at the breast, with feedings taking as little as 5 minutes. The fussing at the breast may be related to flow speed, or to being done, or just to being a baby... I wouldn't worry about it as long as diaper output is okay.

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    Default Re: 9 week old suddenly nursing less?

    Totally agree with the PP.

    If the diaper output is still good, then you should have nothing to worry about! It's amazing how efficient they can become. By around that time, my son was only nursing about 4 minutes on one side per feeding. I went to an IBCLC and she did a weigh/feed/weigh...and in just 3 minutes of being latched on, he had gained 2.5 ounces. So - he was definitely getting enough!

    As long as everything else, aka diaper output and growth, is fine - then try not to worry and enjoy the new-found "free time"
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