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Thread: 10 month old not growing and weaning?

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    Thank you. I'm not sure about pumping. I know I need to. My daughter isn't really wanting to nurse at all anymore. She will latch on still but will only stay on maybe 30 seconds. Last night she nursed on one side for about one minute. She pulled off with a big smile and some milk came out. I was happy to see that but my heart is seriously breaking every time I give her a bottle and I don't know if I have it in me emotionally to pump right now.

    Thanks for the support. This is really hard. I thought I would be nursing a toddler, not stopping at ten months.

    I can't explain it. I know I need to pump... I just feel so defeated and everything seems like too much work right now. I just want her to latch on, nurse and grow! It is so simple. Bottles and mixing and formula and warming bottles and washing bottles... it is just so much effort right now with how I am feeling emotionally. I feel selfish not pumping. I need to snap out of it.

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    Mama, you are NOT being selfish! You just had something huge come down on you. Nursing a baby is fun, it's loving, it's pleasant, society generally smiles on it. Nursing a pump is hard work. Ask any of the exclusively pumping moms here and I think they will tell you that you hit the wall pretty quick when pumping.

    A couple things that can make pumping easier:
    1. Instead of washing everything every time, leave the pump screwed onto the bottle of milk and throw the whole thing in the fridge. When it's time to pump again, re-use the same set-up. My LC said it was fine to pump new milk on top of old one time before you needed to wash stuff again- but that still can cut your washing in half!
    2. Leave a big vat of soapy water by the sink, and throw bottles in as they are used. That way you can do one or two big wash-ups per day, instead of a thousand little ones. It always felt like less work that way, for me at least.

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