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Thread: 7 weeks old 8 hour sleep

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    Question 7 weeks old 8 hour sleep

    Hi everybody, I have a quick question. I have a 7 weeks old baby girl, she was born a little bit small, 5.4 lbs. She's been BF since the beggining and we've had no problem with that. She gained weight fast, by the time she was 5 weeks she was 8.20 lbs. Now she's 7 weeks she eats from both breasts at night around 35 min from each and she sleeps from 1 am till 7:30 or 8 am. I ask the Dr if she could sleep at night and she said to wake her up after 5 hours. Later during the day she eats every 3 hrs and she doesn't sleep that much, she spends time in her cradle listening to me and my mom talk to her wihout crying. What do you girls think? Should I wake her up or just let her sleep her hours?


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    Personally, I let the baby sleep when the baby is sleeping. But my baby is always with me, and they can feed whenever and however much they want, I don't like leaving mine somewhere; the interaction is good for them.

    Around 4 months, sleep patterns change a lot, and most who were STTN no longer will. So I enjoy it while I can
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    After 6 weeks I would let her sleep and enjoy myself sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time! If she is still having enough wet/dirty diapers then I would not worry.
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    My girls were completely different for the first 12 weeks, DD1 slept 8+ hours around 4 weeks old, DD2 took 12 weeks to sleep 7 hours consistently.
    If you are feeling full/engorged you can always pump overnight. I did that when both started sleeping consistently to relieve the pressure and build a little supply for my return to work.
    At 7 weeks I would let her sleep!
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    If she is gaining well then I would personally let her sleep. It's only 2 hours more than the pedi wants I was told to wake my daugheter when she was 6 weeks but she was not gaining well
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