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Thread: Help! 11 month old keeps biting etc!!

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    Unhappy Help! 11 month old keeps biting etc!!

    My 11 month old DD has started to bite me whenever I nurse her. It is especially bad at night when I am trying to put her to bed. We cosleep and I usually nurse her to sleep, however in the past week she has started biting and/or hitting and scratching at my face. When she won't nurse to sleep I've been lying beside her pretending to sleep and then she typically flops around (she's pretty mobile) and then eventually lies down beside me (or on top of me!). A couple of times she has also tried to bite me on my face and my back.

    I don't know what to do! My DS never did this and I was able to breast feed him until he was 2. I want to continue to cosleep and breast feed but both activities have just not been very enjoyable lately! Which is sad for me as I love to do both

    I know I shouldn't expect my DD to be like my DS with her eating and sleeping habits, but she can't be ready to wean yet right? She's not even a year old! I am nervous about my milk supply if she is not nursing at night. I've had a very difficult time pumping and have not been able to pump much at all. Will not nursing at night affect my supply that much?

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    It's alright, she's just curious about where the limits are when she feels energetic. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/older-baby/biting.html and http://www.kellymom.com/bf/older-bab...g-manners.html generally I taught my DD by unlatching her and telling her that X hurt mama, to be gentle with me--that way it highlighted the positive rather than focussed on the negative (just saying 'no!') although often if it hurt suddenly I would unlatch and say no. I would always ask her to be gentle with me before letting her latch again. She learned to respect my limits and became more sensitive to others. It's alright, your LO will learn too with your love and understanding.

    IMO it's too early to think of night weaning if you're happy otherwise with night nursing but just have this biting issue to overcome. HTH
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    Default Re: Help! 11 month old keeps biting etc!

    Ooo. I had one of those. My first would do that. To him, it was a game, and I put up with the hitting, flailing around and scratching and pinching far longer than I should have Nipple biting...he didn't do that.

    Your 11 month old can certainly be expected to have some manners.

    It is possible she is doing this because she doesn't want to sleep; she thinks it is play time. Stop the game, say no, offer something else to bite on.

    Instead of thinking about weaning, consider instead if thereis another way to get her to relax. I think I had DH take over nighttime stuff, and I started nursing while sitting on the couch, then giving him the kid and going to bed myself. When the baby fell asleep, he would bring the baby to me, and I could nurse baby during the night without the hitting.
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