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Thread: Did I Do Something Stupid?

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    Default Did I Do Something Stupid?

    So Gabbi's been biting me off and on all day. Tonight, before bed, I tried to nurse her for 20 minutes...she kept latching on, biting me HARD, then I'd take her off and she'd cry to get back on. Then, the whole thing would happen again and again. I tried being stern and telling her to stop biting...made no difference. I tried taking her off of me and lying her down on the bed for a minute to show her that biting equals being taken off of me...didn't work. She has no teeth yet, but the biting is painful. I suppose she could be teething, but I've never had the biting be continuous before.

    So, I had DH give her a bottle (breastmilk) and she drank it quickly and is in bed. Am I teaching her that if she bites, she'll just get a bottle? I just couldn't take anymore biting.

    What should I have done differently? Could this mean the end of our nursing relationship? Tori never did this to me...at least I don't remember this...
    Hi, I'm Jen, mommy to Victoria (5/24/09, self-weaned 11/1/10) and Gabrielle (5/20/11, still going strong!). Always and sometimes ...when will I stop? When Gabbi says so!

    Nursing Gabbi for fourteen months and counting!

    The ladies here have gotten me through some rough times!

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    Default Re: Did I Do Something Stupid?

    probably teething. they pull back their tongue when they are about to bite, you can feel it. when i feel it i pull my son closer or put my finger in to pop him off if it keeps happening.

    sometimes we just sit up and take a break and i keep him on my lap for a few minutes or go play with board books on my bed. then go back to it. good luck.

    oh, i dont think you ruined anything but rather than stop nursing, try to pull her close when you feel it or just take a break. maybe offer a teething ring

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    Default Re: Did I Do Something Stupid?

    One bottle isn't the end. If you don't want to form that habit, don't give another bottle after biting. I agree with the suggestions given above. I know it's frustrating. It will get better though.

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