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Thread: Too much solids?

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    My LO is 7 months and we've been adding solids for about a month now. I BF and then offer solids twice a day. I feed her rice cereal (total with added BM or formula is about 3oz) and a pureed food (about 1oz). She very rarely tells me she's finished. Our ped told us when she's done she'll let us know (by turning away, etc.) I usually run out of food before she stops eating. Am I feeding her too much? Her stomach feels like it could pop but she keeps opening her mouth for more!

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    It doesn't sound like you're overfeeding her, but you might want to tweak the way you're feeding her. If you're not doing this already, nursing immediately before offering solids may decrease her appetite for the solids and ensure that she fills up primarily on your milk. The second thing you might want to do is to put down the spoon and try letting your baby feed herself- she may be able to judge her own hunger cues a bit more precisely when she is slowly self-feeding instead of just allowing you to spoon in the cereal and puree...

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