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Thread: OHHH The PAIN!!

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    Hello Ladies,
    I am 12 days into my BF journey with my DS #2, he is actually my fourth, I have attempted to BF all and have not been very successful:( I have given up around 3-6 months. With my last son I nearly cried every time bc it hurt sooo bad, I now know that it was bc he was tounge tied really badly.

    So here we are today DS2 is 12 days old and it hurts sooo bad not only when he latches on but while he is nursing, sometimes once I get him latched the pain will let up a little. My nipples look like a new tube of lipstick on the end after nursing, the bottom side of them turns dark blue almost purple, the end of my left one turns white because it is callosed almost:(

    I went to the BF support group at the hospital on Tuesday and the LC told me she thought it might be a good idea to take him to see an ENT about his tounge so I am making an appointment for that. She also helped me get him latched on and it didn't hurt as bad so I was excited thinking I had a solution for some relief but now he pulls back and won't keep as muchof my Breast in his mouth so it is right back to hurting soo bad. The last issue is the burning shooting pain that has started in my nipples after I finish nursing, it will last any where from a few minutes to half an hour:(

    Sorry so long, any words of encouragment or your experience will be much appreciated! I am determined to succeed at this journey pain or no pain:)

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    I can't answer for all your symptoms but definitely see the ENT as soon as you can. My DD1 had tongue tie too, and I knew by the lipstick shape of my nipple that she was not latching correctly. Once clipped, I got immediate relief and my nipples looked normal after she came off. You definitely have latch issues, and based on your first experience with your other child, that's probably what's happening again. Not sure about the pain you are having after nursing. Could be just a reaction to the bad latch?? Not sure. I am in the process of going to see an ENT myself. Feeling pretty sure DD2 has a mild case of tongue tie, but now I am STRONGLY suspecting lip tie as well as I cannot flip her upper lip out when nursing. The skin flap attaches nearly at the top of where her teeth would be if she had them. I am pretty sure this is why I can't keep her latched well. If you are able to go to the ENT, get them to check this area also! Lots of luck, and keep us posted!

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    I would also have your doctor or MW examine you for thrush? The burning pain makes me think you could (on top of your other issues - sorry! ) have a case of thrush as well.

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    mama, check out this link on vasospasm: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/...blanching.html. The blue and white color changes you are seeing are kind of textbook. Vasospasm can be caused by compression due to a poor latch. And if this is vasospasm- and I would bet money that it is- it doesn't rule out other issues like tongue tie and thrush. So please do see the ENT, and see a second LC, preferably an IBCLC, for some more hands-on help.

    You CAN do this, mama! Your baby is so tiny right now. Even when his latch is at its best it's going to be relatively shallow. But he is going to grow and his mouth will grow- a lot of times the key to resolving a latch issue is to wait for the baby to get bigger. If you made it 3-6 months with your other LOs you can make it that long again. We'll help you as much as we can, even if all we can do is to provide a shoulder to cry on.

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