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Thread: 9 week old not eating long

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    Default 9 week old not eating long

    HI, my 9 week old has not been eating like he did weeks ago. he eat on one side for about 5 to 6 min. then he stops. when i go to the other side he doesnt want it he fights it. i wait 20 min then and he still does not want to eat . then he goes right to sleep. is this ok? please help...

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    totally normal if weight gain and output of diapers are good!
    Quote from this site: "As the baby grows he also may spend less time at each nursing session because he has become more efficient at the breast and therefore requires less time to milk it effectively"

    By DD begain nursing about 4-7 minutes around this time, and usually doesn't take more than one side per feeding. This started around 2 months of age, and still holds now, and she's 6 months
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    Hi and welcome!

    As long as your baby is gaining weight and is having enough wet/dirty diapers then there is nothing to worry about. As babies get older they become more efficient at getting a lot of milk in shorter time. You can try to offer the breast more times a day if you are concerned. Also he might be comfort sucking at those short sessions so he can fall asleep. Babies love to suck to soothe themselves and that might be what he is doing.

    Is his diaper output good?
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    Mine is doing the same thing.....He turned 8 weeks this week and he has started this. It's nice cause feedings are shorter but i'm sad too since he's not comfort nursing as much.
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