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Thread: Breastfeeding after mastectomy

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    Default Breastfeeding after mastectomy

    Has anyone successfully breast fed after having a mastectomy? I am confident it can be done, and am looking forward to the challenge, but would like to hear from anyone with this experience!

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding after mastectomy

    Sorry, I can't offer any BTDT advice, but I just want to say I think it's great you are going to make the effort!
    I would think it would definitely be possible as long as you have one breast with all the equipment in order. Since BF is supply and demand you should be able to do it.
    Good luck!


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    Hi there
    I'm assuming you have one working breast? Many women have successfully fed an infant with just one breast! Here's an article that can help you


    Keep us posted!
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    Default Re: Breastfeeding after mastectomy

    Thanks for the words of encouragement and the article. This is exactly the information I am looking for. Great help!

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