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Thread: New here Need Advice. Please!!

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    Hi ladies,
    I am new here. My DD is 11 months old. She is EBF no bottles. I am having issues with her sleeping. She nurses during the day every 4-5 hrs, and eats 3 meals a day (table food) with some snacks. At night she wants to nurse every 2 hours. I am so exhausted. I don't understand how she can space her feedings during the day but not at night. She doesn't just suck she will actually nurse. She will go right back to sleep, but sometimes she will fuss. People have said that she should be sleeping thru the night by now. I have 2 other daughters and never had issues as they were formula. I cannot do the cry it out method. She sleeps in her crib in our room, as we have no other place to put her right now. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    You could try feeding her more often during the day. My daughter is also 11 months and she has recently started the same thing, and she has always slept through the night prior to this. For the last 10 days she has been up 4-5 times every night. It turned out she has an ear infection, so I am hoping for some relief once the antibiotics kick in. Is this a new thing for your baby or ongoing? I have also heard that some babies will wake up a lot when learning to walk, that was not true for us, but I have a friend going through that right now with her 13 month old. I don't have much to offer in the way of help, just wanted to let you know you are not alone!

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    with the PP. Some busy babies forget to eat during the daytime hours, and then make up for it at night. But I am more inclined to blame teething or a new milestone for that level of night-waking. I know you said your formula-fed babies didn't do this- but every baby is different. It may just be coincidence that this baby is breastfed and a night-waker. I know I have friends who've formula-fed their babies and some of them have babies who sleep really well and others have kids who are up all night long.

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    about developmental milestones interfering with sleep. And there are BF babies who are really good sleepers! It's NOT what they eat.

    My first thought was the age. Some babies forget to eat during the day.

    The other thing....a baby of that age is busy. And nursing is a way to reconnect with mom after they have been busy all day long. Hard on mom, but it's a way they deal with the separation that comes with growing up.
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    Sounds like to me she's reverse cycled, but not because you are gone, just because she's busy. Waking to eat every 4-5 hours sounds like a night time routine, and every 2 sounds like daytime. I have another post on this, but nursing is a powerful painkiller, so I'd look for other signs of teething. When you are busy during the day she might not be as bothered by the teeth. We use Advil at night, and teething tablets during the day.
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