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Thread: How storage the pump?

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    Question How storage the pump?

    Hi everyone!!

    Sorry about my english, but I don´t speak really good... I´m mexican and I´m live at Mexico city so I need support about how is the way to storage my pump, I have de Pump ´n Style Medela that I used about 15 months but now my baby Marijose doesn´t need any more mommy milk to drink at school, I breastfeeding her before and after the school.

    Do you know how is the way to storage the pump to the future???

    Thank´s...really thank´s!!

    15 months breastfeeding and go for more

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    Default Re: How storage the pump?

    Your English is a lot better than my Spanish! There is a Spanish Language section of the forum as well.

    I would wash everything well and put it away where it doesn't get too hot. Realize, however, that the Pump 'n Style does have a limited lifetime and you may need to get a new pump for a new baby.
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