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Thread: Excess Lipase only in some milk?

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    Default Excess Lipase only in some milk?

    Does anyone know if the amount of lipase can vary and not always have an effect on the milk? I have noticed a couple of bottles turn soapy smelling/tasting and I am trying to determine if that means all of my stored milk will turn this way. I have an entire deep freezer full of milk and I am hoping that it's not all bad. My LO takes pumped milk 3 days per week when I am working and he is nursed the rest of the time. I have stored his bottles of milk in the refrigerator and it seems that they are okay for a few days. I tested some milk that was 5 days old and it had the soapy smell. I would prefer not to have to scald my milk if I don't have to because I know that it looses some of its anti-infective properties. I am wondering if I might need to only give LO pumped milk that is no older than a few days and then scald the milk that I have to freeze? My LO is not thrilled with taking the bottle, but tolerates it okay. I am wondering if part of it may be due to the change if flavor with excess lipase.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Or, try this....try freezing it right off and seeing if it turns. Mine cannot last in the fridge, but if I freeze it, it is OK. Weird. Very weird.

    Take some of your frozen milk and thaw it and then taste it. That may help you decide what to do.

    I think it comes and goes too. So much is not really known about how pumping changes our milk, so I can't confirm that.
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    Default Re: Excess Lipase only in some milk?

    I have noticed that too. Somedays my milk will last a couple days in the fridge without "turning" and other times my milk will only last a few hours.. I really do not know why. I scald all of my milk now no matter what even though.
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