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Thread: Almost a year old, need help!

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    Default Almost a year old, need help!

    DD turns 1 in about 2 weeks. We have been nursing on demand this entire time. Recently (about two weeks ago) I developed a monster case of thrush. Doctors are refusing to treat it because my nipples are not red, but I am in excruciating pain, and the local lactation consultant agrees it is thrush. I have fissures on my nipples that will not heal and literally have tears every time she nurses. I am trying ALL of the natural remedies at once, but am not getting any relief. Anyways, because of the pain, we have sort of been doing don't offer, don't refuse. I am a little surprised because DD is not trying to nurse at all. She has no signs of thrush whatsoever, so I do not think it is mouth pain. She is drinking water well and eating well, so I know she is hydrated and full, but I am concerned because she won't drink any type of milk. Is a couple days of this going to hurt her? I worry that she is not getting enough vitamins, fat, etc.

    I still offer at nap time and bedtime so she nurses 3 times a day right now. I am just trying to save myself the agony while searching for a solution to the thrush problem. Any experience?

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    Default Re: Almost a year old, need help!

    I honestly don't know the answer to your question - I actually just posted about my almost 1 year old possibly not getting enough milk in another thread....but I just wanted to say huge hugs to you mama. And can you push your doctors to help you? Can you bring them research to show that you don't need to have red nipples to have thrush?? I would seriously be pushing the issue. if you're trying all the natural remedies (I'm assuming gentian violet and grapefruit seed extract, along with washing all your bras in hot water and that sort of thing...), and you aren't seeing improvement, you really might need some Diflucan or something.

    http://breastfeeding.hypermart.net/thrush.html is a link I pulled off of Kelly-mom and it says "nipples that are itchy and/or burning and that may appear pink or red, shiny, or flaky and/or have a rash and tiny blisters; nipples may also appear normal"

    Honestly - push the issue...and if they don't respond, I would seriously consider getting a new doctor. Can you see your OB/GYN instead who may know more about the issue???

    Anyway - sorry I don't know more about the milk-needs...but I just wanted to try to offer a little support. Hang in there mama...
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    Default Re: Almost a year old, need help!

    Is she eating OK? Solids?

    She will be OK. I learned how resilient kids are when Gav had his surgery and refused to eat much for almost a week. I'm sure next week, post-op, he will be refusing again. It will be OK. Whe she does nurse, I'm sure she gets plenty.

    I'm more concerned you won't get the treatment you NEED.
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