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Thread: Not enough milk on one breast

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    Hi guys,
    I'm a bit concerned! When i pump, i get about 4 oz from my left breast, and only about 1-2 oz from my right breast! is that normal, is there anything i can do to increase the supply in the other breast??? Also, when my daughter latches on the right, i feel like there's more than just an ounce, because i hear her swallowing and gulping, and the doctor said the baby's a better pump than the pump itself. I'm just worried, is she getting enough milk, because like i said in my previous post "2 month old never satisfied", i feel like she's never full!

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    Very normal to have production vary between breasts. Sometimes by a little, sometimes by a lot. The amount you are pumping- 5-6 oz combined- is excellent supply, maybe even a bit on the high side for a 2 month old baby.

    In case you don't get back to your other post, here's what I'd do in your shoes:
    - check out this link on lopsidedness: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/lopsided.html
    - immediately return to feeding on demand

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    Ditto to PP.

    Also I think some people get "never" satisfied, confused with growth spurts, and just natural rythems of babies and toddlers.

    If they are not crying/screaming while they are on your breast, they are being satisfied while at your breast. Some babies eat more times/longer then others, some need more at breast time, etc. So what seems like never satisfied, really is just normal ways that a lot of babies eat.

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    Breastfeeding is about more than just feeding and milk
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    I was worried about the same thing myself! And, after talking with an LC, it's normal. She suggested to me a couple things. After nursing the baby, try to pump a little more on the "smaller" breast so get the milk to come quicker next time. She also suggested to experiment with different flange sizes on my pump. One breast may need a different size than the other one. As far as the satisfaction goes, lf baby's smiling or otherwise happy, not to worry.

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