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Thread: Oversupply and Spitting Up?

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    Question Oversupply and Spitting Up?

    Hi! i know i ask alot of questions, so sorry in advance!
    I know that spitting up is an issue with oversupply but my LO (now 6 weeks)
    is puking ALOT! well it seems like alot but wasnt sure so that my question how much is still just realated to oversupply? She gets sick almost instantly and probably 4-5 times b4 she eats again, were both needing to change atleast 3-4 times a day. Its not a little it's puddles! Is that still normal or should I be going to see her pedi??
    any help is greatly appreciated!
    (also Im block feeding already, getting her off after let-down and expressing for a min or two, changing my diet, not sure what else to do)
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    Default Re: Oversupply and Spitting Up?

    You can never ask too many questions!

    When you say she is spitting up, is it milk that hasn't been digested, or is it vomit (milk that has been in her stomach for a while0?

    Does she take a pacifier?

    How long has she been doing this?

    Some other suggestions for babies dealing with OALD or oversupply are:

    *position her upright for feedings, face down or anything in between
    *keep baby upright for an hour or so after a feeding
    *sitting in a car seat brings legs up and puts pressure on stomach, causing more spit-up.
    *after a feeding is not a good time to lay the baby on her back to change a diaper or to sleep
    *burp frequently
    *if she is spitting up during a diaper change, change her on her side or with head elevated

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    Default Re: Oversupply and Spitting Up?

    when shes spitting up its milk that hasnt been digested for the most part.
    on the pacifier no she doesnt like them shed rather be on me
    and its been going on for a couple weeks now

    would you reccommend seeing a pedi or just see if it goes away?

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    Default Re: Oversupply and Spitting Up?

    If you are concerned about dd's health, then of course you should always see your ped.

    Many moms have found their oversupply issues rectify themselves after the intial 6 week period. Your supply may down-regulate on its own and things may become easier. You may wish to give it a little more time.

    If things remain very difficult, let me know and I can give you some more resources with more ideas.

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