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Thread: Pump collection container volume

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    Hello Ladies!

    I'm hoping someone might have a suggestion or two about pumping large volumes without having to change containers - and if there is breast pump that is better than others for this. I've been using a manual pump (or just manual expression) and I easily get more than 5 oz for one let down. It's frequently a sticky mess when I do pump, but that is generally at home where I can deal with clean up. I'm starting back to work and getting a double electric pump and I am a little nervous that it is going to be more efficient and I am going to overfill the collection container - making a huge mess in a place that is a lot less easy to clean up. I'm also hoping to pump while driving a couple times a week and really don't want to make a mess in the car.

    My best idea so far is to switch out the collection bottles that come with the pump for bigger ones. I've been leaning toward the Lansinoh or Medela PISA, anyone have any experience pumping into a larger bottle with either pump? Is that even possible? I've inherited some larger Born Free bottles, but I'd be willing to buy a few others for pumping purposes. My plan is to then transfer the EBM into several storage bags once home.

    Cost is not a huge issue because my insurance will reimburse me most of the cost.

    Thanks in advance (and apologies if this has already been answered - I couldn't find anything),

    (I'm posted here instead of in the Pumping/Work threads because it's more specific to oversupply.)

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    Medela makes 8 oz bottles that I pump into then divide out.
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    I bring two 4 oz medela bottles and two 8 oz bottles. I start out using one of each size for the 2 morning sessions, and combine milk into the 8 oz bottle for each, then use the two 4oz bottles for the 3rd pumping session, when I get less milk.
    I usually pump 7-10oz, then 5-6oz, then 3-4oz.
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    I used the 8oz Medela bottles with my Pump In Style and also found that the Gerber 8oz (or maybe 9 oz?) and Evenflo 8oz fit onto my pump and were much cheaper.
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    I use (and used) evenflo bottles (very inexpensive, interchangeable lids and fit all my pumps). Bottles fit my lansinoh and on my collection kit for the lactina I use at work.
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