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Thread: Keeping baby awake at the breast

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    Default Keeping baby awake at the breast

    My babe keeps falling asleep on the breast I try stoking her, I talk to her, I rub her feet but she keeps falling asleep. I am already having trouble keeping her full, she seems to just not get enough I thought it was all fixed up today but still this evening she was acting starving again. I guess its because she keeps falling asleep and not finishing meals?

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    Oh this was how DD was! We'd do all kinds of things to wake her up. Keep in mind we were tired!

    1. Swim the channel - Put her flat on her back in my lap and swing her arms in a swimming motion.
    2. Bike the tour de France - same idea, but using legs
    3. Blowing raspberries on neck, etc
    4. Cold water on fingers then under shirt or other warm areas.
    5. Drink cold water the give cold head kisses.
    6. Strip her down. With my son, just putting him down works (liitle too well!)
    7. Apply cold washcloth.
    Hope something in there helps!
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    Default Re: Keeping baby awake at the breast

    Very normal for a young baby. As long as she is peeing and pooping enough, she is getting enough to eat. This reference talks about diaper output for a young baby: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/enough-milk.html

    The PP gave great advice for keeping a sleepy baby awake at the breast. You might also want to try breast compressions: http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...tion&Itemid=17 and also keeping a fan blowing in the room where you are nursing, striping your baby down to a diaper when nursing, and changing her diaper in between breasts when nursing. Basically, a cool, annoyed baby is an awake baby! But don't worry, you won't have to do this forever. your baby will wake up soon.

    Evening fussiness and cluster feeding is also textbook normal: http://kellymom.com/babyconcerns/fussy-evening.html It's not an issue of the baby "not finishing her meals"- it's just a normal part of baby behavior. A lot of moms start out nursing expecting that their babies will eat regularly spaced, large meals, and a lot of them are really surprised to discover that many babies need and prefer irregularly spaced small snacks. One reason many moms find this surprising is that a lot of baby book authors are emphatic that meals are good and snacks are bad, which just isn't true. So if you have a copy of Babywise or the Baby Whisperer on your nightstand, i suggest chucking them in the trash.

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    Default Re: Keeping baby awake at the breast


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    Default Re: Keeping baby awake at the breast

    I had trouble getting my son to eat the first week or two, he slept all the time (that quickly changed )
    The previous poster gave great advice. I found doing these, start gentle and you may find you have to more aggressive in the swimming/raspberries (a little rougher than you would think but within reason), worked.
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    Had the same issues with my DD. To this day, a foot massage will put her to sleep! The wet washcloth and stripping to a diaper worked best with her. My DS is the opposite, he loves the washcloth, but hates his feet being rubbed. Stripping him down to a diaper works for him, too. The most reliable way to wake him, though, is unlatching him!
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