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Thread: How much BM/liquids?

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    My LO is almost 8 months and LOVES her solids!! I feed her about 4oz 3x a day. I still nurse 4-5x a day. My goal for the future is to just nurse first thing in the morning and right before bed-time for as long as she'll let me but offer solids during the day. The few times that we've skipped nursing (the dinner-time feeding) and just offered solids she's done fine it's me that's the problem! I just want to make sure she's getting enough liquids. We have no problem with constipation and she has plenty of wet diapers, I just need to know how to supplement with fluids. She refuses water (even in a bottle) and I don't want her to get stuck on juice. Any suggestions?

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    At this age you shouldn't start skipping nursing sessions yet, her main nutrition should still be coming from breast milk till she is 1.

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