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Thread: 5 week old will only eat for 4 mins

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    Unhappy 5 week old will only eat for 4 mins

    My 5 week old has been decreasing her feeding time. She used to fed for exactly 7 minutes. At first, I thought that she wasn't getting enough milk but her weight gain has been great. When I pump, I can fill 2 ozs in about 1 minute, so I am guessing that my milk comes down very fast. However, I am worried about her only feeding for 4 minutes every 3 and half hours. She has also gotten fussier at the breast. She will latch on for a little while then start fussing and wont latch on again. I am exclusively breast feeding her and am starting to wonder if i need to give her a bottle? Please help!

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    Welcome mama, and congrats on the new baby! If you can pump out 2 oz in 1 minute, then you probably have a very abundant milk supply and a very rapid letdown. When a mama has those 2 things, their babies tend to become fast feeders very early on. Their babies tend to dislike nursing for comfort, because the milk comes out so fast and there's so much of it. And the babies may cough, choke, gag, unlatch frequently, and fuss at the breast because drinking from a firehose is a challenge for a tiny baby! You may want to try some reclined nursing positions, since leaning back utilizes gravity to slow milk flow.

    If you are concerned about milk intake, count diapers. Good output = good input. As long as you nurse on demand and see good diaper output, there's no need for a bottle.

    One thing that you probably want to be aware of is that overabundant milk supply and fast letdowns generally don't last forever. So you may reach a point in time when you no longer feel full or engorged, stop leaking, cannot pump as much milk, and when your baby feeds more frequently and requires 2 breasts if she has been taking just one. But this does not mean inadequate milk supply. It just means your supply has adjusted to meet her needs very precisely, without a lot of extra milk being made.

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    Default Re: 5 week old will only eat for 4 mins

    Don't pump. You'll just worsen what you are probably dealing with: overactive letdown and oversupply.

    Don't do bottles either. Bottles are easier to drink from, and you'll probably end up with a bad case of nipple preference and a baby who refuses to nurse.

    If her output is good, then there is nothing to worry about.

    I had one baby who could eat in 5 minutes from the get-go and never comfort nursed. If I tried to make him nurse, he would fuss and cry. It was probably the OS and OALD bothering him.

    There are some other techniques you can try; if things are not improving, post back and we can outline those for you.
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