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Thread: Strange sensation in right breast!

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    Exclamation Strange sensation in right breast!

    Hello! For the past two days I have been experiencing a weird "vibrating" sensation in my right breast. I nursed my first daughter, Nola, for 19 months and never experienced anything like it. My second daughter, Izzy, is 5 months old and has nursed without any problems at all. The sensation isn't causing me any pain; I would compare it to the feeling of gas moving through your intestines. It also doesn't seem to be affecting my milk supply. I've googled it and haven't found anything. I thought maybe this is a common occurrence among nursing mothers. I hope to hear from some one soon!



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    I have never had a feeling like that before.. that is interesting though. maybe a pectoral muscle spasm?
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    Have not experienced it either, but I would think either a spasm or nerve twitching. When I was pregnant, I did experience a similar sensation in my stomach (felt like a pager going off inside), and my OB said it was the nerves reacting to the changes. Maybe this is your case only in your breast????

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    Ha! I felt something very similar yesterday for the first time! It felt like a spasm/twitch on the breast and it reached my stomach too. I felt this when I was feeding her during the night. I have absolutely no idea what and why this is, but at least we're not alone!

    When do you feel this? When nursing? How often?
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    I used to feel a tingly sensation in my left breast. I talked to my OB about it, and after determining it occurred after feeding we decided i wasn't latching my twins on the left as well as the right (probably since I am right handed). I worked on the latch and the tingly feeling went away. Could it be a poor latch on one side?

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