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Thread: 10 month old still gagging?

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    Default 10 month old still gagging?

    Hi everybody!

    My little guy is 10 1/2 months this week. Still nursing tons, and we've been doing the purees off and on since about 6 months. He gets more at daycare than with me, 'cause on the weekends we tend to nurse and reconnect and I don't really push them too much at breakfast or lunch, but he still gets a dinner veggie and fruit.

    Anyway, he's still on the stage 2 purees. We tried some stage 3s, as well as some puffs, apples, and rice crackers, and he has gagged on them almost every time. Should I be worried? Should we keep trying with the 3s, or stick with the 2s for a while longer?

    Thanks for any tips!

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    Default Re: 10 month old still gagging?

    I think the gagging is something that frequently happens when babies begin to bite pieces off food, regardless of what age those types of food are introduced. A chunk of food is much different than a spoonful of puree; baby needs to figure out what to do with that and the learning process can take time and gagging.

    We've given table food starting at six months, and the gagging started right away. My son then learned to spit out chunks that were too big to swallow and stopped gagging, but he didn't eat much because most of his food ended up getting spit out. He started chewing and swallowing more around ten months, and the gagging started back up again because he gets so excited about his food, shovels it in, and sometimes tries to swallow bites that are too big.

    Given my own experience, gagging is a normal part of learning to eat. Personally, I would keep offering normal food because that is how your baby will learn to eat without gagging. I would just put pieces of relatively soft, easy to chew with gums food in front of him and let him decide what to do from there. But that's all just based on my experience, which is limited, and I'm sure others will let you know if they disagree.

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