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Thread: Teething and Not Latching! HELP

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    Default Teething and Not Latching! HELP

    My son is 10.5 months and he has been BF - and an excellent BF'er. The past 3 days he has went to latch and then gag, then pull off. He won't BF. He only wants the bottle which he has not really had prior. He does has two bottom teeth coming in and I am hoping it is related to that and will soon start latching again....

    Any advice??

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    Default Re: Teething and Not Latching! HELP

    if you haven't already:
    try a cold/frozen teether or frozen damp washcloth about 15 mins before trying to nurse
    try dosing with ibueprofen (motrin/advil) or tylenol for teething pain
    keep an eye on temp and behavior...could it be ear infection/sore throat/stuffed nose/small sore in mouth/ or some other non-teething problem
    try nursing in a dark quiet room, try nursing when he is sleepy (right before naps and bedtime) or actually asleep
    try a dreamfeed, try more night feeding sessions and see if he'll latch

    it could be a nursing strike. here's a good webpage to help: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html
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    I just got through one of these myself. Same situation. DS (9.5 mos) was on nursing strike for one week. Sometimes he would take a bottle as a last resort, but not often. I was a wreck. I suspected teething issues since I could see his two top teeth just under the skin ready to pop out. Sure enough, the day one of them finally broke through, he went back to nursing a bit. The next day the other popped through and he was nursing like crazy. I pumped in the mean time and also started taking Fenugreek to increase my milk supply in case that was one of the issues. I had been having a very delayed let-down lately. For us, I really think it was the teeth, and then once he was ready to nurse again, my milk was overflowing for him from the Fenugreek. You can do it. Just see it through. He is probably not weaning.

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