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Thread: 6 month old - frustrated at breast

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    Question 6 month old - frustrated at breast

    My little man is 6.5 months old and lately has been frustrated at the breast for the last few days, wanting the letdown to be super fast.

    Just looking for other mama's insights, so I'll ramble some of the variables that could be in place around now:
    -6 month growth spurt? (But he has not been acting like any of his other growth spurts, which include screaming every hour for food; he still wants to eat about every 2 hours.)
    -Last weekend I was in a wedding so I went about 4 hours without feeding/pumping...the rest of the weekend we nursed on demand (He got a bottle during that time).
    -He gets one bottle (around 2.5-2.75 oz usually) about 3 afternoons a week from a caregiver who learned up on giving bottles to breastfed babies. He's been taking that fine for a couple months now, and I never noticed a difference before.
    -We started solids on his 6 month birthday, 2 weeks ago...but don't give him that much, trying to do a cross between BLS and baby food
    -He's been talking at the breast for over a week now...keeps his mouth closed, but sometimes I wonder how much he is actually eating. He also talks while starting letdown...which has lately been whining about it.
    -Last night he would not wait til letdown, just screamed & screamed, so we gave him some expressed BM which he sucked down (1.5-2 oz), and then ate a little more by nursing. He was more patient for a letdown then.
    -I have not started AF yet but noticed my fluids were looking "fertile" a week or so ago & my temp jumped up, so it could happen in a few days...but maybe even be a week away.
    -He nurses at least every 2 hours, sometimes I offer more often, especially when it's before nap time. But I always offer more rather than less...this pattern has been the same for a while.
    -sometimes he has less diapers that are less full - but still poops regularly & is happy overall. Then i try to squeeze in an extra feeding or two.
    -he's been sleeping from 7 to 7 for a couple months now, and waking twice per night most nights to eat.

    Don't know if there are any insights here...my list includes normal patterns, things that have changed lately, and things other people have posted about or suggested being a factor.

    ...could he just be going through a phase?

    Thanks so much, mamas!
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    Good job, growing boy!

    Weaned from a nipple shield in late July!!!

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    Default Re: 6 month old - frustrated at breast

    doesn't hurt to offer more often... Hang in there it does sound like a growth spurt to me..

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