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Thread: Shallow latch: lip or tongue tie?

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    Saw DD2's normal doc...and yes, she does have a slight tongue tie and a VERY pronounced lip tie (aka superior labial frenulem, I believe is what he called it). Pictures above look similar to hers (the lip tie is worse on DD2). Been referred to an ENT as he is afraid an oral surgeon will not take on such a young patient. He did say this could be causing nursing issues for us, as she may be struggling to stay latched on and transfer milk. He said that she may be getting tired while fighting so hard to nurse, and that is why she is falling asleep. She's a bit behind on weight, which makes sense now as she takes forever to nurse and can't get to the hind milk as quickly and is too tired to keep going towards the end of a feed. So tomorrow will be contacting an ENT to see what we do next. Wanted to let you know! Hope you are doing well, and that your issues have been resolved too!

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    My daughter is 6 weeks and I just had her upper lip frenulum cut. She seems to eat quicker now. The ENT told me that he couldnt guarantee improvement with cutting it, but that it wouldn't hurt either. Also the pediatrician didn't even ask to see her. She just wrote the referral when I told her a LC told me that the tight frenulum was the problem. The procedure didn't even take 10 minutes and she was back in my arms before I knew it! She had one dissolvable stitch anew was able to nurse before we even left.

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