Hi mama, just to let you know I'm using a Boppy right from the beginning with baby #2 (that's using it through 2 NB periods). I do have to slump over a bit the MyBrestFriend pillow is sold here at a speciality breastfeeding store and I tried it and said... my Boppy was alright for the money. Funny what we get used to, huh?

Using a baby sling really helped me calm my babies, and it also made my hands free... how about taking a walk around the block when you're feeling the need to get out? Then you don't have to hope for/wait on the availability of others. You can take care of yourself right away.

Hey mama, it's overxwhelming how much a new baby needs, and pumping thrown in plus a CS is even more tough. I had a CS with #1, she bf several times an hour, took catnaps, and I had nipple damage at first but no pump so I've had some of the same experience. Do prioritize taking care of yourself. That is an essential step to warding off PPD, which I got because I didn't say yes to myself when I really needed it, I said no, and it led me on a doanward spiral (but everyone's experience with PPD can be different). Remember on planes the parent puts on the oxygen mask first and then helps the child, because if the parent gives out they both suffer. Not to be morbid but just to remind one of the need to prioritze yourself. It is ok to take a breather and a coffee break for yourself even if your baby objects. When I sense I'm running on empty I change both of my kids nappies, and settle them with a feeding or naptime and then take a few minutes for myself to catch a breather. Sometimes they want more of my time but I know they are physically ok and can handle me taking ten minutes to myself. It is important to take a few minutes for yourself when you feel you're running on fumes. Last ngiht my toddler was having a showdown over putting on her pyjamas and I suddently thought, it's just pyjamas, and we took a pause from changing for a few minutes then came back to it when we were both refreshed. It worked so much better Recharging yourself enables you to be the mother and person you want to be. Your baby depends on you being in a good state. Prioritize yourself!