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Thread: Do I really need to throw it out?

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    Default Do I really need to throw it out?

    I didn't realize I had thrush and just thought I had horrible pain due to poor latch. Thank God for my LLL who told me what I was experiencing was only thrush and could be fixed!!!! But, before talking to her, I had begun pumping and bottle feeding instead of nursing due to pain. I was pumping way more than DS was eating so I built a pretty good freezer supply imo (80 4-oz bags). Then I read I need to throw out that milk because freezing it doesn't get rid of the thrush. Is it really bad to keep it and feed if I HAD to for some reason (say, was put in the hospital or something)? Or do I need to just go ahead and throw it out? Any good articles regarding this one way or the other out there?

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    If you HAVE to use it, use it. But know you have an extremely high risk of reinfection after using yeasty milk.
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