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Thread: How often?

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    Today we practiced with a bottle with my 7 week old. He did good so my question is how often do we need to do this? I am going back to work when he is 11 weeks.
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    Maybe just once a week. I had one baby who took a bottle well at 2 months, but when I went back to work at 4-5 months, he refused! He would only take this one bottle and that not well. So practice a bit, but dont knock yourself out.
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    i did it about once or twice a week and had someone other than myself give the bottle. Some babies go back and forth between breast and bottle really easily and some not so much. I think I increased the frequency two weeks before i had to go back to work to make sure it wasn't going to be a problem - sort of tried to have him have a bottle when I would be at work (and pumped in place). Good luck - sometimes you have to play round with the type of bottle if you have a really picky one.
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