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Thread: normal or something wrong?

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    Default normal or something wrong?

    My DS (8 months) has recently started to have problems with going to sleep without having my breast in his mouth. For months now, I have been able to put him in bed sleepy, but not asleep (and sometimes even seemingly pretty awake) and he would put himself to sleep and now even for naps, he has to "comfort nurse" to sleep. If I put him into his bed, or try to take him off the breast before he is all the way asleep, he gets very upset and if I am still holding him, tries everything he can to get my breast back. I thought maybe it was because he was in pain or something, but he doesn't seem to be when he is awake. IS this normal, or is there something wrong? And if there is something wrong, what can I do about it?
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    Normal. Annoying. But normal. My fourth eats from a cleft feeder and he uses it like a pacifier.

    This won't last.

    I used to lay down with my nursling, nurse to sleep, use a pull-off method and roll away. Then check in on baby to try to catch him waking up and either nurse him back down or pick him up when he woke.
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    Sounds like possible teething? Maybe his gums are sore and he needs that comfort to work through it. Maybe try giving some ibuprofen 30 min before bedtime?
    Normal though.
    Or maybe just seperation anxiety beginning?

    I am jealous your kiddo will fall asleep without nursing. I do not get that luxury : )

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    My DS is also 8mo and nurses to sleep, only 3 times has he fell asleep w/o BFing (on DH) but woke up only min later to BF. I think it depends on baby, my #1 & #4 (both DD) I could put down sleepy and they got themselves to sleep but my DS's never
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    Thank you. I guess I was hoping it wasn't normal so I could do something about it . It sounds like lots of people have that problem. I am used to having to nurse him to sleep in the middle of the night, but he has been good about falling asleep on his own for naps and bedtime. I guess I was just too lucky. DH says that babies change all the time and that there isn't anything wrong, this is just his new change.
    He just got two teeth in this past week. Do they still hurt after they are through? He got a stuffed up nose just before his teeth poked through and still has it, along with a cough he has had since his first cold at the beginning of last month (but the cough is only periodic).
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