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Thread: 10 mo constant nursing is hard on me

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    Default 10 mo constant nursing is hard on me

    I'm not even sure what my question is, but just wondering if anyone has had this experience. My 10 month old has been more obsessed with the boob than ever before and its actually getting a bit hard to deal with. He was exclusively breastfed until 6 months and since then has really taken to solid food. He's always been a snacker, nursing for short periods on demand. But recently its magnified. When I'm with him he just alternates between playing with his toys and pulling at my shirt wanting to nurse. The idea of nursing every 2/3 hours is a thing of the past. It's like constant. That would be all well and good if it relaxed or soothed him, but I'm afraid it makes him unsatisfied.

    He sucks and then looks away and then comes back and so on. It's like he just wants the option of coming over and nursing for a second. When we're on the couch relaxing at home its easy enough, but out in public its kinda difficult for me to just have my shirt off, duh.

    Plus he's started waking up at ungodly hours (4am) and I'll go in and nurse him in the rocker and then try to put him back down. He refuses to go and so I've taken to bringing him to bed with us where he proceeds to spend an hour doing the whole nurse, pull away, nurse, pull away while lying next to me and kind of whining. So I can't get back to sleep, and neither can he.

    To add to this, he basically refuses to nurse on my left side, so its totally drying up and my right is sore! And after being sick for the last week with hand foot and mouth, he's stopped using the actual pacifier that he was so addicted to before. (blessing and curse.)

    My first inclination is that he's going through a growth spurt and maybe I don't have enough milk and he's frustrated. But he's gaining weight and height and I'm pretty sure he's not starving. Plus I've been consistently pumping the same amount for the last month or so, so nothing has changed in that department.

    Another idea is just that he's going through the separation anxiety stuff and he just wants to touch base (every 5 secs.) He's definitely been more clingy and so its entirely possible that this is the culprit. Of course I love that he gets comfort from being near me, but sometimes he just doesn't seem soothed by it. Like it makes him hyper.

    Anyway, I'm just tired from our 4-8am nursing/getting ready for work session this morning and was wondering if anyone who has been through this and came out the other end can share their experience.


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    Default Re: 10 mo constant nursing is hard on me

    What about teething? That's what it sounds like to me, especially with the frequent night nursing. Have you tried dosing with motrin or tylenol before bed? If it makes no difference, well, no need to do it again. If suddenly your baby sleeps a whole lot better, well, that's a sign that there was discomfort. Babies whose mouths hurt often want to nurse a lot and don't sleep well.

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    Hmmm good thinking- he's definitely teething. I guess that could be it. I have given tylenol and/or motrin before bed and it really hasn't affected the early morning wakeup. It would be great if things went back to normal after the teeth come all the way in.

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    Default Re: 10 mo constant nursing is hard on me

    I second the teething. Hang in there! It will pass

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    OMG! you are not alone. you will appreciate this story. my husband and i recently (over the summer) bought a king size bed to replace our two twin beds. i co-slept pretty much for my ds's first 6 months, and then started putting him to sleep in his crib. well after a month or so of great sleeping, it alllllllllll declined. i guess he started teething... it's been an uphill battle with his sleep, and i basically end up taking him to bed with when he wakes up around 11-12.

    anyway, so two nights ago, my 3-yr old, who first started sleeping through the night this summer when he was almost 3! so, sometimes he comes to my husband at like 5 or 6am and will cuddle with him until he "wakes up." so he came into our room (unbeknownst to me) at 1am, and my husband took him in before seeing the clock. and i had my 10mo old son next to me. so there were four of us in this king size bed--im sure you can picture. well, needless to say i didnt sleep all night, between my 10mo old nursing allllllllllllllllllllll night..if i moved he'd wake up and scream unless i nursed him, and i was tired so i did...anyway, so i was all the way at the edge of the bed, and i joked with my husband that the only thing keeping me from falling off was my son being attached to me!!! im going out of my mind too. im thinking to try motrin,though tonight, so far he's been sleeping for almost 2.5 hours!! his longest stretch in forever!!

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