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Thread: Relactation after 4 months

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    I BF Gwyn for the first two months. She latched on right away without a problem.. We began to struggle with what seemed to be a latch problem and pain associated with that. I went to lactation clinics and talked to successful BFing moms. Nothing helped! Pumping (medela double) was hard for me because I barely expressed any milk most of the time (1-4oz). I tried nursing often, pumping in between, and other milk producing ideas. I had several clog ducts and worked through them. It became very stressful and overwhelming... To the point that I was so uncomfortable, didn't want Gwyn touching me because I was in pain and discomfort - not a good feeling with a super sweet new baby that I wanted to bond with! I ended up with mastitis 2 times and finally "unresolvable breast pain" according to the doctor. At this point my husband and I decided that it was best for me to stop. However, MORE than ANYTHING I wanted to BF. I still cry when thinking about the fact that I'm not and am super sensitive about the subject. I set high expectations for myself and feel like I failed both of us. SO with all that background I started wondering if I could try again. I don't know if it would be a mistake. Would I have the same pain I had before? Would we be successful when there were so many struggles the first round? Would latching be difficult at this point? Working full time I would want to nurse 3-5 feedings. I am concerned that if I follow all the tips to get milk producing again I will end up producing too much and be in the clogged duct/mastitis situation again. Has anyone had a similar situation? Success? Advice? I either need to give it another try or get over it. Thanks for thoughts and support!!!!!


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    momma. Im sorry I really cant be any help but i wanted to tell you i commend you for even considering trying to go back to BFing Youy LO is so lucky to have such a great momma. I struggled with LO #1, #2, #3, & #5 but it was well worth it. It sounds to me like your doing THE VERY BEST you can i hope it works out for you & your LO

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    IMHO, it is always worth trying. The struggles are worth it. All you can do is try and see what happens.

    IMHO #2, you were probably not given good advice, as all the issues you were facing are resolvable. This is probably the top reason moms who want to BF quit...they were given bad advice that either undermines their confidence or does not help solve the bump in the road (soreness, even mastitis). I am sorry that happened to you.

    It is impossible to tell what would happen if you try again.

    I can say, from what you write there, you probably had an oversupply, caused by all the pumping. It is best to BF at home and only pump at work.

    However, since you want to relactate, you will need to nurse as much as possible and then pump as much as possible with a hospital grade pump. Go down the page to the relactation forum, where you will find more information.
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    I think you are absolutely right... I didn't get great (and too much different) advice! I was put on 2 different antibiotics and nothing resolved the pain. They would tell me to drain my breasts completely so I would pump in between nursing which only caused more of a back up probably! I did bring this up to the nurses and doctors but they still encouraged me to do so. I was told and torn in different directions. So disappointed!! Afraid it would be weird to try and start back up now... but HIGHLY considering it!

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    Give it a shot

    I am trying to relactate after 6 months. Its been almost 2 weeks, and I am getting milk now from being dried up. I collected a little over an ounce to give to my baby today.

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