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Thread: How much should she take?

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    Default How much should she take?

    My 3 mth old is taking one bottle at daycare. I nurse her right before I drop her off at 7am and I nurse her when I pick her up right before noon. They give her a bottle around 10am. She eat 9 times a day. How much should she be getting in a bottle?

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    My 12 week old takes 4 oz in a bottle about every 3 to 4 hours or so

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    Every baby is different. Some are fine with smaller amounts more times througout the day and others do better with larger amounts a few times a day. Having said that, I think 3 oz is a decent amount per bottle. The last thing you want is to send too much and having it go to waste or getting thrown out.
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    yup and your not gone to long. As baby gets older they might just wait for you to return and sleep most the time your gone.

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