OK, I am getting a little annoyed with my DDs' pediatricians. We are already going in rounds about a possible food allergy/sensitivity situation in DD2. Long story and on previous posts. However, I am wondering if we may have had or have thrush on top of all the other issues (previous problems...green, mucousy, smelly poops. Sometimes with blood...not relating this to the thrush issue).

I took her to the doc when she was about a month old due to a thick white patch of what look like coated milk on her tongue. It was nowhere else in her mouth. I took gauze and wiped to see if it would remove easily and when it didn't, I made an appointment for her. Before I came in, the doc went ahead and called me in a prescription for Nystatin. Thought this was weird considering he had not seen her!! So after I got the prescription, a nurse from his office called back to see if I still wanted to keep the appointment since I had gotten the medication. Duh, yes! I told her I wanted to make sure it was really thrush. After all, what mom in her right mind would want to give medicine unnecessarily?! So when the doc saw her, he told me all she had was a milk patch. He even tried to rub it off, but to no avail. Said it could be stubborn. I failed to mention above that I had been on an antibiotic for a UTI. That's another reason why I suspected thrush.

So here's my question. Is it possible it was only milk residue? It has finally gone away after several weeks, and it never did spread anywhere else in her mouth. Just became gradually lighter. I would have believed him except, I had a bout of really itchy breasts, and nipples and shooting pain while nursing. I had a lot of problems with leaking (BADLY), and it seemed to irritate my skin. I began making sure I changed nursing pads more frequently and changing my bras quickly. Also wiped down with warm, wet washcloth. This seemed to help. I haven't noticed any other symptoms, but every now and then, I have real itchiness (which seems to be alleviated once I remove my nursing pads even if they are dry) or if I take my bra off completely and let the girls air out, so to speak. I do have shooting pains that go almost all the way to my side, but I think I just have a really strong let down reflex...that's the only time I get pain unless DD has latched on incorrectly. Once latch is fixed, pain stops. However, I still feel sore in the breast, like when I first started nursing. For example, DD1 just jumped into my lap and leaned against my boob for a second and it was tender.

Any thoughts and opinions would be great. In the meantime, I don't mean to slam the doctors, but I am tired of getting conflicting info from them and sometimes different diagnosis (such as one said DD1 had a bacterial infection and another said a virus! C'mon guys, big difference there!)