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Thread: green bm with leaf like flecks

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    Default green bm with leaf like flecks

    my LO and i are trying to fix an OS issue. Her bowel movements started to turn yellow but has changed back to green. however her last diaper change was a dark green liquid with leaf like flakes.

    any thoughts? my baby cannot sleep and has been so upset.

    by the way, i cut out dairy, nuts, soy long ago. have cut back on sugar also.

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    Default Re: green bm with leaf like flecks

    Sorry about the spinach poo, mama! But before you let it get you down, remember two things:
    1. It's just one diaper. The general trend is in the right direction!
    2. Managing oversupply takes time, and you should expect setbacks along the way. I found that I would think I had my oversupply issues fixed, and wham, it would come back! I just had to be patient, and keep going 2 steps forward to accommodate the times when I took 1 step back.

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